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"Discover For Yourself How The Amazing
NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil Could Remarkably Improve Your Health"

You owe it to yourself.



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Coconut Cures: Preventing and Treating Common Health Problems with Coconut

 The Coconut Oil Miracle (Previously published as The Healing Miracle of Coconut Oil)

 The Coconut Diet: The Secret Ingredient That Helps You Lose Weight While You Eat Your Favorite Foods

You May Have ONE Good Reason To Try NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil Today...
NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil has helped change people's lives and it can change yours too.  It is  used by many people in their daily diet for general health management and  beauty & other treatments.  Give yourself a chance to experience the many benefits of  NUFERA virgin coconut oil. 
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PSupplies important nutrients necessary for good health
Provides an immediate source of energy
Boosts body's immune system 
Supports healthy metabolic function
Promotes weight loss
Improves digestion and nutrient absorption
Helps reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) & enhance good cholesterol (HDL)
Helps keep skin soft and smooth
Helps prevent premature aging and wrinkling of the skin
Helps protect against skin cancer and other blemishes
Helps maintain healthy thyroid function
Helps control diabetes; helps regulate blood sugar
Reduces risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease
Reduces risk of cancer and other degenerative conditions
Helps prevent osteoporosis
Helps prevent bacterial, viral, and fungal (including yeast) infections
Lowers the viral load of AIDS patients
Helps hepatitis C, herpes patients
Functions as a protective antioxidant

Properties of NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil Which Make It Good For Your Health
NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil has properties and characteristics which make it a complete functional food needed by your body to maintain and enhance your health.  Since NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil is natural and organic, you don't have to worry about side effects, unlike medicines.
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PRich in lauric acid; contains properties of  mother's milk
PStrong anti-oxidant


6 Reasons Why NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil Should Be Your Virgin Coconut Oil Of Choice!
NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil is not like any other virgin coconut oil.  It is of highest quality to ensure maximum good nutrients for most effective results to maintain and improve your health.

  • NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil is meticulously extracted through biotechnology's bacteria fermentation process, yielding up to 60% extraordinarily pure lauric acid (mother's milk has about 20% lauric acid).  The increased content of lauric acid strengthens the body immune system.  It is cholesterol FREE!

  • NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil is of superior quality and is guaranteed 100% Organic - It has No Chemical, No Preservatives and No Artificial Flavouring.  It is more effective due to the superior quality - it reacts faster so you can experience the benefits faster as well.  Essentially, this also means more value for your money.

  • NUFERA Virgin Coconut oil is guaranteed HALAL, so, you can use it without any doubt.

  • NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil is manufactured by a reputable company, BioNeutraceutical (M) Sdn Bhd using biotechnology method (without heat and chemical).

  • NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil  production is supported by a group of qualified Reseachers led by 9 reputable Scientists to ensure the superior quality all the time.

  • NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil is supported by a qualified doctor who is available for FREE consultation.  Not all suppliers of virgin coconut oil provide similar support.
    A Word From NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil Health Advisor
    "NUFERA virgin coconut oil is the painstaking result of 8 years comprehensive reasearch in colloboration with Agricultural University of Malaysia. It is an organic product, with proven health-enhancement qualities. I have experienced measurable success in assisting patients with NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil."
    Feel free to call NUFERA Health Advisor, Dr Razak
    at 017-655 0365 for advice on application and usage
    of NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil or email to



"Never before in the history of man is it so important to emphasize the value of Lauric Oils. The medium chain fats in coconut oil are similar to fats in mother's milk and have similar nutriceutical effects." 
Jon J. Kabara, PhD - Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University


NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil Is Produced Using Biotechnology Method


It is important that you check the source of the virgin coconut oil you are consuming. All virgin coconut oil may look the same BUT the quality and nutrient values may differ depending how it is processed. Ensure that you get the
highest quality virgin coconut oil like NUFERA
Virgin Coconut Oil for the best results.

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The February 15, 2005 issue of Woman's World magazine stated that coconut oil is the "underground high-metabolism secret."



Can I Use The Normal Coconut Oil Used For Cooking Instead Of NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil?
The answer is 'No'. The coconut oil which is widely available in the market for cooking, do not have the same properties and nutritional values as Nufera Virgin Coconut Oil.  This is because the normal  coconut oil is  extracted using the Refined, Bleached and Deodorized (RBD) method employing high heat and chemical. The RBD method triggers the formation of transfatty acid, which has been known to cause harmful effects.

On the other hand, NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil which is produced using Biotechnology method (no heat and chemical used) contains all the good nutrients that your body needs - it has high lauric acid content and
has anti-viral, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties.  It is cholesterol FREE.  Imagine all the good nutrients in a bottle of 120ml NUFERA which are specially extracted from 20-40 coconuts! Yes, 20-40 coconuts are required to produce 120ml of NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil.


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Why Get NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil From
We at always strive to serve our customers to the best of our ability.  We make it as Easy as possible for order placement, we ensure Fast order processing/delivery and you can be rest assured of Reliable service at all time.

  • EASY - You can place an order for NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil by following 3 simple steps. All you need to know is how to click a mouse and to type; even with one finger ...and you can do this at the comfort of your home! Alternatively, you can also use SMS to place your order...from where ever you are. Imagine the time and petrol savings made as compared to the small amount you pay for postage (not to mention traffic hassles etc ;-)

  • FAST - As proven, NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil will be at your doorsteps within 1-2 days after order is confirmed.  We use Poslaju Service or other equivalent courier services. So far, 100% of our delivery of Nufera Virgin Coconut Oil has reached the destinations on time.

  • RELIABLE - Again, as proven, has been a reliable distributor of NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil.  You can be rest assured that you will receive your order as promised upon making the payment - we are genuine and reliable people.

    p.s. We also try our best to give our customers more than expected...check out at what we are offering together with your purchase.  We strive to ensure you are happy with our service.

p.s.s. We have setup a special blog so that you can provide your comments and share your experiences with other people.
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Testimonial 1

Nama : Nur Siti Fatimah Bt Mohd Azmi
Umur : 27 tahun
Alamat :Seksyen 36, Shah Alam Selangor
Pekerjaan : Suri Rumah

Sebenarnya, pada mulanya saya lansung tidak mengenali NUFERA sehinggalah pada suatu hari ketika saya masih dalam pantang 2 minggu, bapa saudara saya mengajak saya untuk mendengar ceramah dari seorang doktor yang menghasilkan NUFERA. Pada masa tersebut saya juga mengharapkan sesuatu yang baik untuk merawat anak saya yang dilahirkan tidak cukup bulan dan sedang tenat. 
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Nur's baby 3 weeks old


Testimonial 2

Nama:  Norizan Bt Hj Yaman
Umur:  33 tahun
Alamat: Cheng, Melaka

: Guru

Ceritanya, kami sekeluarga menyertai keluarga sebelah saya bercuti di resort di Sarawak, malangnya suami kena demam panas, sakit tekak, sakit mulut (ulcer mulut) dan menyebabkan aktiviti yang dirancang terbantut. Emak mertua saya yang kebetulan menyertai percutian kami memberikan Nufera Virgin Coconut Oil dengan diminum 2 sudu. Mula-mulanya suami saya amat janggal dan memang sukar untuk mempercayai produk-produk sebegini – ternyata selepas ˝ jam, suami saya terus sihat dan memberitahu saya badan dia sudah kebas! Sejak dari itu kami sentiasa mendapatkan bekalan VCO Nufera untuk simpanan sekeluarga.
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Testimonial 3

Nama:  Kamal bin Hussein
Umur:  47 tahun
Alamat: Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Pekerjaan: Berniaga

Saya mula mengambil Nufera Virgin Coconut Oil lebih kurang setahun yang lalu sebagai makanan tambahan dan juga sebagai rawatan kulit kepala kerana rambut saya yang semakin menipis. Secara amnya, kesihatan saya dapat dikekalkan dengan baik.  Rambut saya masih belum nampak kesan perubahan lagi…saya akan terus meminum  Nufera virgin coconut oil 1 sudu besar setiap malam dan menyapu sambil mengurut kulit kepala setiap malam.


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Recommended Usage
Beginners should start taking NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil as follows. 
- Adults: Take 1 tablespoons, twice a day*
- Children below 12years: Take 1 teaspoons, twice a day*

After about 1 week, increase amount of intake if you have any specific health conditions
- Adults: Take 2 tablespoons, twice a day*
- Children below 12years: Take 2 teaspoons, twice a day*

If you are taking NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil as part of your daily diet for general health management, continue to take as follows. While it is not harmful to take more, this recommendation is more for economical purpose.
- Adults: Take 1 tablespoons, twice a day*
- Children below 12years: Take 1 teaspoons, twice a day*

*Advisable to take before breakfast and before going to bed

External Application of NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil
For more effective and faster reactions, internal and external usage of NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil is recommended.  It can be applied to affected area to improve dry skin problems, balding, dandruff problems etc.  NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil is also a good moisturizer which you can use after washing your face before applying any foundation.

Special Cases
For special cases, you can consult NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil Medical Advisor, Dr Razak Ibrahim
at 017-655 0365 for advice on application and usage of NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil or email to or SMS to 016-679 4929.

p.s. Do you know that you can use Nufera Virgin Coconut Oil as your salad dressing? Also, If you are having hard time to consume Nufera Virgin Coconut Oil directly (like me;-), you can add it to your favorite drinks. Try now. It can be a good taste enhancer!


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From The Desk Of Owner
Thank you for visiting website.  I hope you will take the first step to a better health by trying the amazing NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil. I am convinced of the nutritional values of NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil when my family experienced good results after taking it as our daily diet for the past 2 years.  We got to know about NUFERA Virgin Coconut Oil when my husband was looking for alternatives after experiencing side-effects from taking medicines to lower his cholesterol level.  Since then, he has stopped taking medicines and guess what? He is able to control his cholesterol level and best of more side-effects!  Since then, we decided to share this Nature's Secret with you via website...with the hope that you and your family can benefit from it too, just like us.

Wish you good health all the time!
  Juliana Daud

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